What is Methyl Cellulose Malaysia And Its Uses?

Methyl Cellulose is a chemical compound that is derived from cellulose and it is usually used as a thickening agent in concrete and construction materials. It is also sold under different trade names as thickeners and emulsifiers in various products like cosmetics and also as laxatives. Where can you find methyl cellulose Malaysia? In concrete,… Continue reading What is Methyl Cellulose Malaysia And Its Uses?

Liver Cirrhosis And How To Prevent It

Liver cirrhosis is an already late-stage liver damage and thus it is irreversible. Some signs of damage include loss of appetite, drastic weight loss, jaundice and itchy skin, as well as the swelling of joints and discoloured urine. There are numerous other symptoms to look out for including changes in sex drive or mental capacity. There are different treatments for liver cirrhosis including Proganic medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia, and often as a final resort, a liver transplant. However, prevention is always the right step forward.

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