Get Your PPE Cabinet From MyLab Malaysia!

It is undeniable that when we hear laboratories, the only things that linger in our mind would be the beaker, conical flask, burettes and pipettes and the lab worker with their coats etc. It will always be the common things that the majority of people in our community have been exposed to. But did you know that there are so many elements that need to be taken care of and concentrated for the sake of safety that will include all the workplace, the lab workers and the lab equipment. In this case, do you know how many types of cabinets are safe to be used in laboratories? Have you heard about ppe cabinet Malaysia too?

There are basically three types of cabinets that are absolutely safe for laboratories which are fume hood, biological cabinets and laminar cabinets. However, other than that, laboratories also used this one type of cabinet called ppe cabinet. PPE cabinet stands for personal protective equipment cabinets. We can obviously see how cabinet supplier companies in Malaysia do not really get exposed and marketed properly, if you are currently having problems finding one, then MyLab is the answer for you! Keep reading to know more about MyLab!

What Is MyLab Doing?

MyLab basically is a supplier company for innovative lab furnishing to all of the schools, industries, universities, research laboratories and also hospital sector laboratories to customers all over the world.

What MyLab Could Offer To Its Customers

Apparently, MyLab could have been the best company to reach out to all of the laboratories all over the world, especially Malaysia due to its various services they can offer. This is definitely something that people have been looking for as it is able to save up a lot of time in looking for good services. The offered services are:

  • Laboratory equipment:

For the sake of safety purposes that are related to laboratories’ equipment, MyLab mission is to deliver and supply only innovative products at a cost effective range for clients.

  • Laboratory fit-out:

MyLab will always try its best in supplying and providing a high quality and durable laboratory fit-out no matter for industrial, medical or educational field. With the expertise on these things, they will be able to do it in a perfect timing and cost.

  • Laboratory engineering:

MyLab also is an expert team that will give the clients well planned laboratory engineering works.

The Processes That MyLab Uses To Ensure An Excellent Outcome

  • The research:

MyLab will start with a research to understand and develop the clients’ needs and standards.

  • The conceptual:

Here MyLab will come out with the initial plan layout, 3D perspective and proposed materials for the projects. 

  • The pre-approval:

Then, the layout and materials will be finalized by MyLab.

  • The preliminary:

Proceeded by the next step, MyLab will do a site and risk assessment. 

  • The implementation:

To ensure everything is in progress, MyLab will do a survey on the progress report and the site progress.

  • The post project

Lastly, MyLab will handle the training and maintenance schedule.

There are definitely no reasons for you to still be hesitant in using MyLab services! Contact them now!

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