Important Characteristics In Malaysia, every restaurant and F&B POS system must have

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One of the most crucial operations in any F&B business is taking customer orders and sending them to the kitchen to be produced. Traditionally, a server would write down orders on slips of paper before taking them to the kitchen by hand.

The issue with the paper order process is that mistakes can occur, resulting in errors while delivering orders to clients.By allowing your waiter to speak directly with your kitchen crew, an order management function can help avoid blunders like these.

The order information, which includes the order list and the table taken at the customer’s table, can be delivered directly to the kitchen. Your kitchen crew can begin making meals for an ongoing order while your waiters cater to other customers in this manner.

The order management feature is a must-have for F&B enterprises who handle a high volume of orders on a daily basis! Food costs are one of the most significant expenses for any F&B operation, and they may make or destroy a company. As a result, it’s vital for F&B businesses to keep a tight grip on their food prices.

Keeping track of your food costs on a weekly basis in a typical arrangement might be difficult. With so much documentation to complete, it’s easy to overestimate your charges.

This is why having an inventory management option in a POS system for a restaurant or bar is so important. You’ll be able to correctly calculate your weekly food expenses and optimise your ingredient purchases based on previous sales trends and ingredient pricing using inventory management. Knowing what your clients want from your F&B establishment will help you improve your product offers and increase earnings. This is simple to accomplish with any POS system that includes an itemised sales reporting capability.

Check your sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to uncover trends in your customers’ preferences, eliminate guessing, and make menu modifications based on real facts (for e.g. make bestsellers more prominent and remove unpopular items).

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