Using Building Materials Has Perfect Result For The Constructions

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The majority of the work has been completed. All that remains is for us to locate building materials and methods that will satisfy our requirements. Even though the logical explanation that follows utilizes complicated terminology to describe the characteristics of materials, the solution is considerably easier than it seems at first glance. We wouldn’t go into detail about all of the materials or provide numerical values for their characteristics since, in the end, it doesn’t matter. The concepts, rather than the number of decimal places, are what matter in this situation.

building material Malaysia

The First Option

First and foremost, there are the building methods. We have seen that we need protection from the rain, and as a result, a waterproof roof is required. We need an atmosphere that is protected from the wind, thus closed, but that can be opened at any time, therefore equipped with moveable components such as windows or doors, to meet our needs. 

So far, nothing out of the usual has happened. When the weather is cold, we must keep our windows open to let in the sunlight. This means that we must have many windows facing south and few windows facing the other directions. It is preferable if these holes enable light to flow through while preventing the passage of other elements such as water, wind, and of course, heat.  Choosing building material Malaysia is most essential here.

The Right Component

Natural or artificial windbreak components should be used to defend your home from the constant assaults of the west wind and the northeast wind. The form of your home, as well as the presence of natural or artificial windbreak elements, should be considered. Last but not least, the home must be shielded from the hot summer heat. 

Because it radiates mostly from the east and west sides of the building, as well as from the roof on the south side, it is sufficient not to create any apertures in these locations (or to do little).

Because the sun is at its most intense during the summer months on the south face, a simple hat will be sufficient to keep light from entering the home. So we can see that our winter imperatives are not only not in conflict with those of the summer, but are really complementary to one another!


Finally, the filling of the walls, in addition to its potential load-bearing duties, must allow the interior temperature to be maintained for as long as feasible (whatever the season), while being impervious to rain and wind but not to water vapour. That’s all there is to it.


All of this may be shown to be non-restrictive, and bioclimatic does not suggest any specific architectural style or form for the home. The volume of the home, on the other hand, affects the amount of heat it loses. Even though a hemisphere would be the most energy-efficient form, it is more straightforward to build a slightly extended east-west rectangle in order to get a big south facade and smaller east and west surfaces. With a more compact capacity comes less surface area exposed to poor weather, and thus less opportunity for losses to accrue.

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