What are some things to prepare for the Newborn?

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Life is full of excitement, do you not agree? From the time that you go to school to the first time you step into college, until the time you graduate, life is full of happiness and excitement. Yes although life sometimes can be stressful but oftentimes it is more exciting. There is one thing in particular that engages in a grey area and that is exciting but yet anxious. When is that?

The time that you feel as though you are excited but at the same time anxious is the time when it is time! Time for what? Time for a baby! 

Yes, it is all exciting and fun and full of joy and love from marriage and having a life built with your spouse. Then, the time comes where you and your spouse now think about having kids and then pregnancy comes along then it is baby time! Something that makes you smile so wide but at the same time anxious! But fret not because we are here to help you. First time mothers may not know what to expect and what to prepare for the newcomer of the family. So we are here to tell you about the baby gears for the newborn!

  1. Baby carrier and Stroller 

It is important to have a baby carrier and a baby stroller. it is as though they are the same thing, only but a way to carry your little one but that is not true. There is a difference between the two and will help your baby as well as you. Having a baby carrier means that your little one is able to snuggle close by you at the same time as well you have two hands free and am still able to get things done. Having a baby stroller on the other hand lets you go places easily and am able to go around shopping and more with your child. Two are also important and a should have. 

  1. Car Seat

Car seat is another essential to have because in order to safely transport your child from point A to point B in the car you will need a car seat. Without the car seat you will need to hold your baby because traditional safety measures like seat belts are not able to secure your child and it will be dangerous for them hence, a car seat is a must and is a safety measure for your child. Bonus tips, you should get that car seat that is rear facing. Yes, the baby may not be able to see you but in case of a collision, it is safer for your child to be rear facing as the force of impact is spread along the baby’s back and not like the front facing will whiplash the baby’s neck hence it is ultimately safer for the baby to a rear facing car seat.

  1. Baby bag

There is a lot that you need to bring especially when you are out and about throughout the day and that is where you need a baby bag. To help with food, milk, diapers and more to help with convenience to bring your child out and about. 

  1. Toys and entertainment

Toys and entertainment is a must for the baby. Not only to not let the baby keep crying on you but also with toys and entertainment, you can aid in the baby’s creativity as well as imagination helping the baby to develop as well as learn and play. Having toys and entertainment with you also will help you of course because the baby wont cry as much and am entertained hence the baby won’t be bored. Another bonus, try not to give your baby screened entertainments when there are too young. Not because they might break it but more because it can turn into something harmful when they play with screened items when they are too young. if baby are always on iPads and screens, the baby won’t be able to develop something like, holding or 3D building and holding and that will harm the baby of visual cues as well as visual related issues might arise and more harm to them

baby product store KL

There you have it! 4 in our opinion are useful tips to help you but of course there are more to prepare  and if you would like to get some you can look up baby product store KL for more, but do not fret but rather enjoy the moment with your baby because at any point, these are materialistic things and can be purchased later time but the baby is life hence, put focus first on the baby and enjoy the time and joy with your child!

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