What Are The Trends In Logistics Facilities And Equipment?

Scale-up and high-speed.

Large-scale refers to the capacity, scale and capability of logistics equipment is becoming more and more, large-scale is the basic means to achieve the scale effect of logistics; high-speed refers to the operation speed, running speed, identification speed and computing speed of the equipment is greatly accelerated.  

Practicalization and lightness.

As the storage and logistics equipment in general use of the occasion, the work is not heavy, so good, easy to maintain, easy to operate, with durability, trouble-free and good economy, as well as high security, reliability and environmental protection, this batch of equipment batch larger, wider use, consider the comprehensive benefits, can reduce the appearance of the height, simplify the structure, reduce the cost, but also to reduce the cost of running equipment, go check out cargo handling equipment in Tok Bali

Specialisation and generalisation.

With the diversity of logistics, the variety of logistics equipment is also increasing, and there are constantly new logistics equipment developed, the systemic nature of logistics activities, consistency, economy, mobility, rapid, requiring some logistics equipment towards the direction of specialization, and some logistics equipment to generalization, standardization. 

Automation and intelligence.

The combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology, advanced microelectronics, power electronics, optical technology, hydraulic technology, fuzzy control technology and other machinery used in the drive and control system to achieve automation and intelligent logistics equipment will be the direction of future development. 

Complete set and systematization.

Only when the equipment comprising the logistics system is complete and matched, the logistics system is the most efficient and economical. On the basis of automation of logistics equipment, it will be the future development trend to form an integrated system of each logistics equipment by computer, and to coordinate with the logistics system through the control of the central control room to form the best match and combination of different machines.  


Eco-friendly means meeting environmental requirements, which involves two aspects, the first related to the development of traction power as well as manufacturing, auxiliary materials etc., but rather to the use. For the development of traction power, the first is to improve traction power, the second is to use energy efficiently to reduce pollution emissions, use clean energy as well as new types of power, etc.

Logistics management information  

Logistics system is a large span system, logistics activities not only have a wide range of activities, involving many departments, and has been in the process of dynamic change. With the integration of the global economy, commodities and factors of production are flowing freely at an unprecedented speed around the world, and the scope and speed of logistics activities have entered an unprecedented stage of development. The application of computers and barcode technology has provided more information on demand and inventory, improved the scientific level of information management and made the flow of goods at various demand levels easier and quicker. Information technology has become the core of logistics activities and the driving force behind logistics innovation.

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