What is Methyl Cellulose Malaysia And Its Uses?

Methyl Cellulose is a chemical compound that is derived from cellulose and it is usually used as a thickening agent in concrete and construction materials. It is also sold under different trade names as thickeners and emulsifiers in various products like cosmetics and also as laxatives. Where can you find methyl cellulose Malaysia? In concrete, it is used as a dispersion-resistant agent. This means that it acts as a bond strengthener between reinforcements and cement. It can improve the tensile strength of cement. 

Methyl Cellulose Malaysia

Although there are many uses for this very versatile chemical, methyl cellulose is most commonly seen in laxatives and cements. Let’s talk a little bit about that. 

Medical Uses of Methyl Cellulose 

Methyl cellulose can be used to treat bowel issues like constipation. Usually, the effects of the chemical can be seen in three days. You can only consume it orally and you should definitely drink plenty of water as it can induce stomach aches and are generally not healthy for the human body. But, we still use it as it is a good laxative which can make you produce more faeces to induce bowel movements in times of constipation. You can purchase it over the counter by asking for a medication named Citrucel. 

Methyl Cellulose Malaysia In Cosmetics & Food Products

Did you know that a lot of our cosmetic products contain the chemical methyl cellulose? It may seem scary, but don’t worry– it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. You will be able to see methyl cellulose in products like makeup and certain shampoos and body wash. Items like croquettes and ice-cream also contain methyl cellulose as it is an emulsifier that prevents two mixed liquids from separating. 

Methyl Cellulose in Construction Products

It is definitely more known to be in construction materials to enhance performance of these materials. For example, it is added into mortar to enhance the workability, water retention, viscosity and adhesion of the mortar. It can be added into dry mortar mixes. Although, it can easily be confused and can be dangerous to humans. We must make sure that we know the difference between food grade methylcellulose and the grades that are used in construction. If the two grades are mixed up and mixed with glyoxal, it can cause the dispersion of water. 

Methyl Cellulose Malaysia

Methyl cellulose can prevent fiber materials from absorbing oil and water, which is why it is highly used in paper and textile manufacturing. The chemical can magically bind layers of paper together when it is applied, to make a more colorful and vibrant sheet of paper. Origami artists frequently use methyl cellulose to cover their art and creations, as the compound can harden and protect the paper from deteriorating quickly. 

Methyl cellulose is controversial as it seems to be dangerous to us humans, but it is regularly seen in various parts of our lives. With that being said, it is a compound that is non-toxic, non-allergenic and edible, therefore it is not unsafe to be consumed by humans. The compound has a slimy & gooey appearance once it is mixed as it usually comes in a powder form. You can purchase it from construction material suppliers like 3D Resources.

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