Why Do We Need To Lead A Healthy Sex Life?

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Our sexual health is one of the main aspects of leading a healthy and fullfilled life. It is an aspect of health that is often ignored and underlooked by society and health practices in general. When it comes to sexual health, society often associates it with reproductive health. There are far more studies being conducted for reproductive health rather than sexual health.

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If there is a problem with a woman’s uterus or genitalia, they tend to put purpose and function over pleasure. The reason behind this because society has often shunned the thought of sexual pleasure in general. Well, even sex is not discussed among society as much. Discussions about sex are often carried out in private settiings, or in setting where two strangers are involved. The shame and guilt attached to sex is the consequence of many years of patriarchal and religious rule over society. Most religions and cultures believe that sex is something that should be kept between partners and no one else. However, this is not the best decision.

If you are limited to talk to your partner about sex and no one else, it can cause a lot of problems. This is particularly true if both you and your partner are not informed of the details of sex and sexual intercourse. So, to avoid that, you should reach out to professionals, talk to someone you can trust or just do your own research. Try to act according to your parameters, and not what society is expected of you. 

Then comes the question of need. Why exactly do we need to place importance of our sexual health?. Is it really that necessary. If you want to proceed in exploring your sexual desires and needs, you first should understand the significance behind it. If you fail to recognise the significance, it could affect you in the later changes, and alter your mood completely. Here are a two reasons why you need to place importance on sexual health, 

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It improves your relationship with your partner

When the both of you understand the sexual health is importance, it enchances your sexual sessions. Sexual intercourse between two people require desire and trust. You should be able to go into a session without doubts or worries. When the both of you trust each other, it becomes more intimate and cherishable. If the both of you understand each other’s boundaries, needs and emotional impacts, you will enjoy each session you have. 

It places you in a good headspace 

Next, achieving sexual pleasure puts you in a good headspace. Sexual pleasure, climax, releases a hormone called enhdorphins in your brain. This endorphin is related to the feeling of happiness. It alters your brain’s chemistry, and allows you to feel happiness in just a few minutes. These endorphins also are natural painkillers. They are able to relieve internal pain such as headaches, migraines or any discomfort in general. It is not a long-term option of relieving pain, but it is still an option for many.

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