Work as a “24/7” or Conventional Clogged Drain Pipe Helper?

As the years go by, the more the family population in the world, which makes more and more household problems arise. On the other hand, today’s society also needs everything instantly in all areas of their lives, not to mention an example is when a family is having problems with plumbing at home, they will look for 24-hour plumber service in Malaysia as their helper. Based on these conditions, a plumber is a job that can be said to be promising in the future.

Plumber himself is a person who is trusted to work with expertise in the field of installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems, where in general they are divided into several parts:

·       Residential Plumbers or those who are known or trusted to have specialists in the construction of residential plumbing. In general, they will work on call related to plumbing, repairing kitchen sinks, bathrooms, drainage, housing plumbing etc.

·       Commercial Plumber or plumber who works professionally and has a special duty to take care of making and maintaining piping or irrigation lines, installation of clean water lines, sprinkler systems, sewers, and so on in commercial or industrial places, such as retail rooms, industrial buildings, schools, and hospitals.

·       Repair and Service Plumbers are a specialist field of plumbers in dealing with repairs to existing drains, so their skills are not in building new lines or managing plumbing in construction. This type of plumber works individually on call or can be from a team of competent contractors.

As a plumber, conventionally there are several obligations or skills that need to be possessed

·       Familiarize yourself with the plumbing system, specifications, and layout of the clean water, sewage, and ventilation systems and all equipment systems.

·       Able to detect faults in plumbing equipment and systems and be able to find the correct solution.

·       Install, repair, and maintain plumbing fixtures and systems.

·       Able to perform pipe pressure tests using a hydro test or leak test system to find out pipe leaks.

·       Able to work safely, understand and comply with applicable safety standards.

So what makes working as a plumber with no time constraint different from working as a regular handyman? The phrase “working 24/7” describes a way of functioning when one does not know when their services must be closed. Since it was made clear from the beginning that in the future, more and more people would require everything to be available immediately. Service work that is available around the clock can be viewed favorably since those who require urgent repairs can be addressed right away rather than having to wait until tomorrow.

Working as a plumber working day and night indefinitely has benefits that can be said to be lucrative, such as

·       Have more customers than conventional workers because they don’t have a time limit that requires them to close their services.

·       A more flexible and easier schedule because there are no targets that need to be pursued in working every day.

·       Helping the community in real time or in other words being able to complete work in the near future without the need to delay the next day.·       On the other hand, they will also have more experience in carpentry, so that it can be judged as their higher level of professionalism.

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